Denver Mayor Hancock is leading the fight against voter suppression efforts in America where our election system has been unquestionable until now and every vote counts when the media and Democrats say so.

Hancock is hosting the National Nonpartisan Conversation on Voting Rights at the Sheraton Downtown Oct. 21-23 with Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot to stamp out crime the wave of voter suppression that’s expected when Democrats face displeased voters next year.

Chicago remains the undisputed champion throughout American history of Election Day trickery, so Lightfoot is an expert in establishing this narrative.

Mayors, lawmakers, elections officials and grassroots organizers from both sides of the aisle — liberal Democrats and moderate Democrats — are invited to attend and learn how to defeat fair election laws with claims of discrimination, and to fight against gerrymandering.

Gerrymandering is a problem right now in Colorado, because the redistricting commission refuses to give Democrats control of every single seat in the state. 

The nerve.

Democrats support gerrymandering when it works for them.

We expect Secretary of State Jena Griswold will be there to brag about Colorado’s gold standard elections that elected Democrats last election to every statewide office except one, and put Democrats in control of the state House, Senate and congressional delegation.

There is no voter suppression under Griswold’s rule, because everyone in Colorado gets a ballot in the mailbox whether they’re dead or alive, citizen or non-citizen, liberal Democrat or moderate Democrat. 

Discussions at Hancock’s event will also focus on proposed laws in several states that would improve voter access or eliminate fraud, also known as voter suppression.

Some of those bills opposed by Democrats would impose stricter signature requirements for mail ballots, voter ID for mail in ballots and in person voting, expanded voter purges, and prohibit campaign volunteers from giving away free meals and drinks in the voter lines.