Colorado U.S. Rep. Doug Lamborn told President Biden to call off his top political dog at the Justice Department and put an end to the witch hunt on concerned parents who dare express their First Amendment rights at local school board meetings. 

In a letter to Biden on Thursday, Lamborn and a dozen of his Republican colleagues criticized actions ordered by the attorney general to classify parents as domestic terrorists for alleged harassment and intimidation of elected school board officials.

“Your weaponization of the nation’s chief federal law enforcement agency against parents concerned over the nature of their children’s public education is a clear abuse of federal authority meant to intimidate and silence parents,” the lawmakers said.

“Americans have a right to speak out and organize in favor or against public policies without fear of being targeted by the federal government. We are very concerned about your administrations attempt to weaponize the power of the federal government to go after parents, who are simply expressing their First Amendment rights at local school board meetings,” the letter said.

The most likely threats from parents would be to make sure their school board members are out of a job come election time.

Ironically, or maybe not, the crackdown by Attorney General Merrick Garland came just weeks before the November elections.

“Parents who want to raise their children in a colorblind society and attend schools which teach reading, writing, and arithmetic rather than race essentialism, racial grievance, and a hierarchy of victimhood should not be viewed as potential enemies of the state by your administration,” the letter said.

That’s not the only hatred being taught to our children.

It turns out the attorney general might have a conflict of interest in that his son-in-law is a founder and president of Panorama Education:

An education company co-founded by Attorney General Merrick Garland’s son-in-law issued a “resource” for teachers this year that claims supporters of former President Donald Trump are White supremacists.

Liberals would be quick to point out such teachings would not technically be part of Critical Race Theory, the tenets of which they deny are being taught in schools. 

We would agree. 

That’s just flat out racist hate being taught.