Republican senatorial candidate Gino Campana is sure getting a lot of practice answering stupid and wildly biased media gotcha questions designed to piss off voters on both sides of the political aisle.

This week it was Peter Boyle who repeatedly demanded Campana answer who was currently president of the United States — as if the man just woke up from a coma and suffered from amnesia. 

We’ve explained the rigged questions repeatedly and shamed one particularly egregious incident.

As we predicted, the gotcha questions are persisting, but Campana is doing a solid job of sticking to his guns with direct answers and some hard-hitting insight of his own on the artifice of the questions.

The problem with the question of whether the election was stolen is that people have different opinions as to what that means, Campana said.

Campana: “There’s undisputed facts out there that there were issues with the election. So words matter here Peter.” 

Peter: “Did those issues impact the election? I’m chasing you down the hall because it’s going to be asked.”

Campana: “Of course it impacted the election. Did it impact the election in Colorado to the point where former President Trump would have beat Biden? No. But of course it impacted, one vote impacts elections that’s my point.”

“You’ve got people that feel like when they say the election was stolen … there’s people in the United States that believe one wrong vote means the election was stolen.”

“You’ve got others in the United States, on the other side of stream say, ‘You know what, we’re going to have a certain percentage of these votes that are just incorrect. Mistakes are made, and dead people voted. But it didn’t impact the election, therefore it wasn’t stolen.’”

“The point isn’t was it stolen or was it not stolen, the point is how do we bring people back to the table to have a discussion about election integrity?”

Campana is exactly right. Voters are just talking past one another and now the conspiracies are being fueled by the media with their bullshit questions for Republican candidates that are impossible to answer.