Democracy died in darkness over at the Washington Post this week as editors buried a story deep inside the regional section about radical climate protestors who clashed with police to occupy the Interior Department and protest the White House. 

More important, editors felt, was the story that led the section about an animal found dead a month ago after escaping a farm.


The Post didn’t even mention the threat against Democracy by anti Biden forces who “occupied” the building and also clashed with police at the White House, until the seventh paragraph:

Federal Protective Service personnel responded to the protest “to mitigate the situation,” Interior Department spokeswoman Melissa Schwartz said in a statement. Security personnel sustained “multiple injuries,” and one officer was taken to a hospital.

You see what the Post did there? The whitewash continues:

People vs. Fossil Fuels said in a statement that 55 people were arrested during the protest, including Indigenous leaders, and that police “acted aggressively” by using Tasers on at least two people and batons to hit others.


“Because of colonization, our mission has been passed on generation after generation — to protect the sacred. Just as those who walked before us, we continue their song and rise for our youth, for the land, and for the water,” said a statement from the Indigenous leaders who led the occupation. “You can arrest us, tear gas us, poison us but there will always be more hearts to continue the song until we are all free.”

It’s not enough that Biden is trying to block oil and gas leases on federal lands or that he cancelled the Keystone XL pipeline.

His angry supporters won’t be happy until we’re all driving electric cars powered by coal, or hybrids that get their gas from delivery trucks instead of pipelines.

There was no mention of how all these protestors travelled to Washington, D.C., or how they can afford the ridiculously high cost of gasoline. 

The protestors have been acting up in D.C. all week. They’ve clashed with police at the White House, and today they head to the Capitol to tell lawmakers to stop energy development, or else.

Since the Post failed miserably with their initial coverage, we offer this as a reminder of how their coverage today should proceed:

American carnage as rioters storm the Interior Department, U.S. Capitol and clash with police at White House

The American carnage that Joe Biden vowed to end at the dawn of his presidency was revived in terrifying, treacherous form this week as climate activists made a fiery last stand and incited their supporters to storm and sack the Interior Department and U.S.Capitol as part of an attempted climate coup.

The extraordinary anarchy that interrupted the work of Congress brought America’s democracy to the brink.

After protest leaders rallied hundreds of people outside the White House and inside the Interior Department they occupied earlier this week, they ordered anti-Biden troops to the Capitol where rioters again breached police barricades, scaled walls and smashed windows to enter the Capitol.

The marauders freely roamed the building’s stately halls, some carrying signs produced with petroleum products. They occupied the Senate and House chambers and rummaged through desk drawers. They vandalized the offices of congressional leaders. They assaulted police and other public servants. One tried to replace the U.S. flag flying above the balcony with a Canadian flag.

Perhaps the fact checkers at Facebook will correct all the mainstream coverage of the not-so-peaceful protests that have injured several police officers and sent one to the hospital.