Tay Anderson thinks taxpayers need to give him a hefty salary to continue serving the public as a member of the Denver School Board.

This isn’t a joke, he seriously does.

We’re guessing Tay wants the salary, because as far as anyone can tell Anderson doesn’t earn a paycheck anywhere at all. 

He could be paying the bills through a trust fund, or already living on the taxpayers’ dime collecting poor people checks from Uncle Sam.

And despite the fact hundreds of students and parents are calling for Anderson’s ouster over questionable behavior with young girls, he thinks we should be paying him $150 a day to do … whatever it is he does.

We know he goes to meetings. He talks a lot on social media that he won’t let the public see anymore. And he protests. 

Bitching and moaning don’t come cheap anymore, apparently. 

And if we reject his plea for a paycheck, guess what that makes taxpayers?

That’s right, racist.

Paying board members is a matter of fairness and equity, said Director Tay Anderson, with whom the idea originated.


“I strongly believe that not having the ability to be compensated blocks so many people of color from actually serving on this board,” Anderson said, adding that he’s spoken to people who have wanted to run for a position on the board but did not have the money or the time to do so. “I do believe that this is an opportunity for us as a district to open the access up to BIPOC communities and single parents.”

And yet, not having a job, being a person of color, and a single parent, hasn’t blocked Anderson’s access to the public service position.

Board member Barbara O’Brien questioned Anderson’s priorities — paying board members $40,000 to $55,000 a year — instead of focusing on more pressing needs that affect students, teachers, principals and the central office. 

You know, the job he was elected to do.