It looks like Polis administration officials are taking their talking points lessons from the White House, which thinks the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan constitutes as a success.

Case in point, a state audit says as much as $4.4 million in pandemic rent aid was wasted.

Any idea how many people ended up homeless because of the state’s misappropriation?

Shut up, they explained, that doesn’t matter. 

What matters is most of those millions of taxpayers dollars helped most of the people in need, says the Department of Local Affairs (DOLA).

So what if $4.4 million was wasted?

DOLA Deputy Executive Director Dionne Williams defended the program in a statement to The Center Square, saying (Property Owner Preservation Program) “stabilized the lives of more than 24,000 Colorado households during a crisis.”


“Time was of the essence, and this program efficiently distributed funds by paying rent to keep people housed, so landlords could operate their properties and pay their mortgages,” Williams said. “We are proud of the POP program and consistently received positive feedback from property owners about the program for its speed, efficiency and reasonable documentation requirements. As a state, we believe strongly that it is important to conduct regular audits to ensure that we are spending taxpayer dollars effectively and efficiently, and we are working to improve programs like POP every day.”

The Polis administration was playing fast and footloose with $92.5 million in taxpayers dollars.

So we taxpayers should just up about it and be thankful someone found the mistakes after it was too late, because that’s how Democrats define success.

Money well wasted.