U.S. Rep. Jason Crow of Colorado is sponsoring bipartisan legislation with — wait for it — Wyoming Congresswoman Liz Cheney — wait for it — to strip security clearance from anyone deemed a domestic terrorist.

At any other time in history we wouldn’t give such a bill a second glance, and would assume that those looking to fly an airplane into a building would already be denied security clearance.

But these are not normal times.

Angry parents at school board meetings could now be declared domestic terrorists by the FBI for getting angry at school board members and inadvertently, or intentionally yelling out a threat because a child was raped in a bathroom and nothing was done about it.

So we took a closer look at what Crow and Cheney’s bipartisan bill would do and who it affects.

It’s called the “No Clearance for Domestic Terrorists Act” and Cheney’s press release notes it comes just one month after the FBI announced that it had nearly tripled its domestic terrorism caseload since spring of 2020.

The timing is bone-chilling, if not deliberate.

And who here thinks the timing wasn’t deliberate?


From Cheney’s announcement: 

“We must make sure we are doing everything possible to protect our nation and keep the American people safe. I’m proud to join Rep. Crow in leading this legislation that takes steps to prevent domestic terrorists from receiving security clearances and accessing sensitive information. Increasingly, we know that threats to our way of life and our system of government come not only from abroad, but can metastasize at home as well. We must confront domestic and international enemies that threaten the foundations of our constitutional republic. Adding this provision into the security clearance process will allow us to do that more effectively.”

If the government has not taken any steps before now to make sure they weren’t hiring domestic terrorists, the whole lot of them should be fired.

But that’s not what this is about. 

Cheney and Crow are sending a message to their radical base that if you step out of line and yell during school board meetings, you could loose your ability to do your job and feed your family.

Bone chilling, indeed.