Teachers demanded to get early access to vaccines, then insisted everyone still wear masks, and are now encouraging little children be vaccinated.

And yet, here we are with a teacher shortage that’s forcing newly vaccinated little kids back into at-home learning situations where very little learning has been happening.

At least two Denver metro area schools already announced they are closing Friday because hundreds of teachers are taking the day off.

Now Denver Public Schools says they are temporarily closing up schools as well due to teacher shortages. 

George Washington High School (GWHS) said they will shift to a remote learning schedule from Wednesday through Friday, with the possibility of extending remote learning until Nov. 19. The school said they plan to decide by Friday whether the remote learning will continue through next week.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Early College and John H. Amesse Elementary School will go to remote Thursday and Friday.

And this just in, Denver teachers need another break before their Thanksgiving Day break:

It’s not like we didn’t see this coming. 

The superintendent of Brighton 27J Schools warned weeks ago that worker and teacher shortages were on the horizon.

They’re stressed and tired, and they want more money, admits Superintendent Chris Fiedle.

What are the Vegas odds teachers’ unions will be demanding more pay for distance learning before the next school year?

Our money’s on the teachers to get more for doing less.

And don’t even start with the totally BS narrative that teachers work longer and harder to do distance learning for a couple hours a day.

Now if you’ll excuse us, we have to get another blanket and fluff our pillow for a Zoom meeting and two hour nap.