The Democrat message machine is churning on empty these days, much like our gas tank.

Voters sent the unmistakable message in last week’s election that it’s also the empty grocery store shelves, stupid, that is driving their political decisions.

But the deaf, blind, and Democrat still don’t get it.

Now they’re working overtime to secure their own base with campaign slogans that declare we are all going to die from climate change or disobeying their never-ending but always changing pandemic rules.

Democrats are doubling down on their message that any voter who complains about high gas prices, empty shelves, or lost jobs are just greedy.

And they’re call Republicans crazy or conspiratorial for thinking schools, corporations and the government seem to be injecting race into every issue.

One minute teachers are bragging they will teach CRT and signing a petition to do so, no matter what parents say.

Then we’re told CRT doesn’t even exist. And if it did, we’d be too stupid to understand the theory.

Now the talking point is that parents are opposed to history being taught in school.

No one is denying slavery or its impact on American culture, and the history of slavery and the civil rights movement should continue to be taught in school.

No one ever had a problem with that. The issue is that kids are being taught in school to identify and judge each other based on skin color, nationality, religion, and gender.

And somewhere along the way, white kids are being taught they are all oppressors, and children of color are taught they are oppressed and victims. 

That’s what’s pissing off parents — teaching children they are anything less than what they work hard to become in America.

So the liberals and their friends in the media are now trying to downplay their agenda and instead call us all stupid.

From the Colorado Times Recorder:

Republicans are unifying around volatile topics such as mask-wearing and policies regarding diversity, inclusion, and equity. They also have concerns about curriculum, such as the invented allegation that public schools teach Critical Race Theory (CRT) — a graduate-level view which acknowledges systemic and institutionalized racism in America — or that “woke” educators are subtly incorporating tenets of CRT are into lessons their lessons.

The media doesn’t even flinch when they stereotype all Republicans as racist, as liberals bash Republicans for standing up against racism, and electing a black woman as the first lieutenant governor of one of the original 13 states.

Politicians are flying halfway around the world to tell us climate change will kill us all unless we stop producing and using fossil fuels to heat our homes, power machinery to grow our food, and fly around the world preaching death and destruction.

We thought Colorado U.S. Sens. Michael Bennet and John Hickenlooper were in D.C. fighting to pass the so-called bipartisan infrastructure bill.

But it turns out they flew to Scotland to preach climate change death and destruction to help Bennet get reelected next year.

Hickenlooper accidnetly let the cat out of the bag, and also confessed it wasn’t really an infrastructure bill, but a climate bill.

We’re beginning to suspect that the rising price of gas and heating our home is no coincidence, but part of the left’s strategy to eliminate all fossil fuels.

Just listen to President Biden’s nominee to head the U.S. Treasury:

And what do voters think of all this? From Real Clear Politics: