U.S. Sen. John Hickenlooper is very excited and claims his first bill is about to get signed into law.

Only it wasn’t actually a bill. 

Still, Hick says, it was his language from a bill he wrote that was included into the soon-to-be-law, also known as that God awful infrastructure bill.

Only we can’t actually find any of that language from his bill he’s bragging about, in the infrastructure bill.

To top it all off, his bill amounted to no big deal anyway.

But good for him!

According to Hick, his bill, language, whatever, would lower costs for electric vehicle drivers.

According to the actual measure he filed that did not pass into law as a stand alone bill, it just asks states to consider ways that would promote the greater electrification of the transportation sector.

Long story short, it’s an undercooked nothing burger.

It looks like Hick just wanted to take a spin in that an electric vehicle that sold for upwards of $43,000 before inflation surged and consumer prices jumped 6.2% in September.

And seriously, who wants a vehicle that loses half it’s charge from Denver to the Eisenhower Tunnel?

PeakNation™ will remember that as governor, Hickenlooper pledged in May 2018 to increase the number of electric vehicles on Colorado roads from 12,000 to one million by 2030.

More than three years later, Hick’s policies have only increased that number to around 50,000. 

At this rate, Hickenlooper’s grand plans will miss its mark by about 900,000 vehicles.

Thanks to Democrats, working Coloradans are struggling to afford gas to get to work, let alone pay more than $40,000 for an electric car like Hick’s.

If you approve this direction, vote Democrat in 2022.