While all of America watched closing arguments Monday in the Kyle Rittenhouse trial, President Biden held a major bill signing ceremony at the White House to … oh for craps sake who cares? 

Honestly, is there an internal betting pool going on among Biden’s senior staffers to see how low they can drive his poll numbers in the first year?

A new ABC News/Washington Post lefty liberal poll has their man down to a 38% approval rating among registered voters surveyed. 

If anyone wants to get in on the action, we have a crisp $100 bill that says the old man drops another five percent by New Year’s. We’d go lower, but voters will probably give the old man a bit of a break with it being the holidays. But we digress …

Nearly every Democrat from the Colorado delegation invited themselves to the White House to take pictures with Biden each other for social media at the event.

From left, Jason Crow, Jared Polis, Ed Perlmutter, John Hickenlooper.

If we’re to believe the rhetoric — and we don’t — the $1.2 trillion spending plan will fill every pothole with gold, build bridges to rainbows, and cure climate change.

That’s cute. 

U.S. Sen. John Hickenlooper would have us believe they all took climate-responsible transportation to the event.

But they were on this gas guzzling shuttle bus, and not everyone was wearing their mask, Sen. Hickenlooper.

Meanwhile, Gov. Polis flew business class.

We spotted every member of Colorado’s Democrat delegation, including U.S. Rep. Joe Neguse and Denver Mayor Hancock.

Only one Democrat was noticeably missing — the senior member of the delegation, U.S. Rep. Diana DeGette.

But who can blame her? The last time the White House held a major bill signing like that it was President Trump, and he was accused of holding a super spreader event.

Surely the White House required all of those elected officials to show their vaccine card or wear a mask, right?

More importantly though, closing arguments concluded in the Rittenhouse case and the boy’s fate now rests with the jury.

The prosecution argued that carrying a gun for self defense is provoking an attack, and the then-17-year-old was a coward for defending himself with a weapon instead of his fists.

So remember that if a riot breaks out in Colorado after the jury’s verdict.

Hopefully, the governor and mayor of Denver will be back home from all the White House festivities by then.