Colorado Treasurer Dave Young has drawn a serious challenger in Republican Lang Sias who’s working to take that seat from the Democrat Party in next year’s election.  

Sias is a cargo jet pilot for FedEx, a Navy and Air National Guard combat veteran, and he served in the state House representing Jefferson County’s District 27.

Most recently, Sias was Walker Stapleton’s running mate in the gubernatorial election against Jared Polis.

Everyone rethinking their vote for Polis raise your hand. Someone will be along momentarily to slap it.

Next year’s elections will be a referendum on how well Democrat control of nearly every state level seat in Colorado has been working out so far.

If this entire, one-party-control experiment has taught us anything, it’s the importance of checks and balances to keep political leaders in line and accountable.

The Republican’s campaign message is a simple one: “How are you liking the economy.”

In an interview with the Colorado Sun, Sias said he would lead the state treasurer’s office in a bipartisan manner:

“I think that what I bring is some balance to a state, and frankly of late a federal government, that has been run by one party,” he said. “I think Dave Young, who I like personally, is going to be and has been, essentially, a rubber stamp for the views of a single-party majority.”

It’s been a rough few years, and we’re betting voters are sick and tired of this authoritarian rule by the far left that’s kidnapped the Democrat Party.

If recent polls are any indication, next year could be a huge disappointment for partisan Democrats.