From the moment Kyle Rittenhouse was acquitted on Friday we anticipated many Colorado Democrats who preemptively declared his guilt would become completely unglued.

True to form, one local Democrat operative in a now-deleted tweet reacted to the verdict by explicitly calling for violence against law enforcement.

Logan Davis has worked for state level Democrats in a variety of capacities over the last several years, including as the deputy director of the state House Democrat campaign arm.

He currently serves in leadership for a union representing Democrat staffers at the state capitol.

The moniker “soup for my family” originated as a rallying cry for antifa rioters in Portland in 2020.

It should go without much explanation that by “my family” the left means law enforcement they intend to maim with canned food and other items smuggled into protests.

A Brooklyn man went viral last April at a protest when he was asked by CNN why he had a can of soup.

Peak readers will also recall the Denver Communists branding their counter-protest to the October 2020 Patriot Muster in Civic Center Park as a “Soup Drive.”

That incident ultimately culminated with the death of Lee Keltner after he was shot by 9News security guard Matthew Dolloff.

As expected, Antifa did show up in force again Friday night in Denver to protest the Rittenhouse verdict.

We didn’t spot any soup, but they did stop traffic and threaten several drivers like the person in this white pickup before police intervened.

It is unclear whether Davis was present at the festivities as he suggested on Friday.

Davis’s threat against law enforcement is hardly his first foray into political extremism.

The local Democrat celebrated then-President Trump’s COVID diagnosis in 2020, and argued against expressing sympathy or well wishes.

How charming.

We aren’t sure if Davis will be around the state capitol much next year, but it might be wise for law enforcement to keep an eye out for this guy the next time antifa decides to go marauding.