Should mask mandates be reinstated because of the omni … omanee … oh, you know the thing … 

While Democrats across the board say that all Americans should be vaxed, maxed and masked, two out of three politicians agree the rules don’t apply to them.


U.S. Sen. John Hickenlooper agrees with Biden.

But U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet, who faces reelection next year with poll numbers in the tank with Biden, is all about wearing masks … outside … with his vaccinated family … for a photograph.

White House Uhm Press Secretary Jen Uhm Psaki was asked Monday why Biden went maskless in a store over the holiday weekend in Nantucket where he was vacationing at the home of a billionaire supporter.

Biden always follows the recommendations of the CDC, she replied with a straight, uhm, face.

So did he forget about the pandemic and the omnikodachromething variant that we’re all supposed to be in a panic over? Does he even know that just hours earlier, he approved travel restrictions from South Africa?

Which is going to be worse for the year-end poll numbers? Not wearing a mask inside like Biden and Hickenlooper,  wearing masks outside with your vaccinated family, or being a dumbass Democrat in general?

The White House says Biden always follows CDC recommendations. Is that only when he can remember them?