Congressman Jason Crow lashed out at fellow Colorado U.S. Rep. Lauren Boebert and her followers on Monday calling them domestic terrorists and bigots.

Crow’s attack was prompted by an outdated 9/11 joke told in poor taste by the Western Slope congresswoman about Democratic U.S. Rep. Ilhan Omar.

Crow fired on Boebert after she tried to apologize to Omar, which also went sideways when Omar hung up on her. 

Boebert was telling a bad, off-color joke about Omar being a terrorist. Crow’s tweet isn’t a joke. He means his nastiness.

Ironically, Crow’s accusation that Boebert’s apology was a “rallying cry for bigots and domestic terrorists” was a rallying cry for bigots to join in his fray.

What a hypocrite. 

Hey Crow, haven’t you “seen what happens when hate & inflammatory rhetoric from elected leaders go unchecked?”

Crow desperately needs to check himself.

What kind of a man jumps into an argument between two women by name-calling and tarnishing a woman’s supporters with the exact same insult that started the fight in the first place?

A busybody? An interloper? A toxic male who gets off on abusing women?

Fanning the flames of an already heated situation and dragging an entire congressional district into the fray and attacking them as well shows a complete lack of leadership on Crow’s part.

Crow owes the entire state of Colorado an apology.