Colorado’s U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet has dreadful timing. As the Marshall fire was blazing out of control and thousands of Boulder County residents from Superior and Louisville were fleeing for their lives, the Democrat issued a fundraising pitch for his reelection campaign.

Awkward. Painfully, awkward. And yet, the photo perfectly captures the urgency with which Bennet and the Biden administration move, whether it’s ending the pandemic, stabilizing the economy, or the promise of quick federal relief for fire victims, from FEMA. It’s about as speedy and reliable as an old man and a child paddling a canoe. Bennet showed up to tour the devastation and attend the weekend press conferences with Gov. Polis. No one brought up his faux pas.

By Sunday, the governor’s media updates had turned into a Democrat media circus, with U.S. Rep. Ed Perlmutter from a completely different congressional district making a rare proof-of-life appearance, and U.S. Rep. Crow emerging from quarantine in Aurora. Strangely, the state’s other representative in the U.S. Senate, John Hickenlooper was not on the scene of the tragedy all weekend. He actually represents the affected areas and thousands of victims impacted. Showing the same lack of sensitivity as his counterpart, Hickenlooper managed to find time to post this video to Twitter about himself and how great he is at spending trillions of our tax dollars on other stuff.