Democrats and progressives are backing a Colorado grocery store union’s Jan. 1 vote to strike for higher wages, which isn’t surprising except the union is also demanding equal treatment for unvaccinated workers now being denied paid sick leave.

Last we checked, the political left wasn’t being too kind to those who refuse to get vaccinated. 

Have they changed their views to believe in equal rights for all workers, or just the ones who typically vote Democrat?

Peak reported in December that U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet was being all wishy washy about the impending vote by King Soopers and City Market workers in Denver and Colorado Springs.

Here’s the letter detailing the new policies against unvaccinated workers, and the union’s demands.

If negotiations are not met by Saturday, workers will go on strike. 

In addition to union employees, we hope to see progressives and Democrats maybe some day stand up for the rights of all unvaccinated workers.