If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then Democrats have truly had a heartfelt conversion to the Republican Party way of doing things.

How else to explain their full embrace and sloppy wet kiss on the Colorado GOP’s entire economic platform this week, which they wholly ridiculed just months ago?

Taking their cue from the Plagiarizer-in-Chief who resides in the White House, state legislative leaders outlined their 2022 agenda during a media event on the Capitol steps Monday.

With a straight face, Democrats pledged to invest more money in law enforcement, fix the economy they broke, and reduce higher costs faced by the common man pronouns — all of which were caused by their own vapid policies. 

In yet another complete about-face, Gov. Polis is even talking about delaying the gas tax Democrats imposed on us that goes into effect later this year.

Polis might even meant it, because it’s an election year and he actually called it a “tax.”

This so-called reformation of Democrats is intended to give voters a muddled choice at the polls in November.

They can either vote for the Democrats who got us into this mess in the first place, based on their worthless promises to deliver on Republican policies.

Or, they can vote Republican and actually see those promises to fruition.