It’s no secret 9News opinion guy Kyle Clark has a particular… fascination with two Colorado Republican women, Lauren Boebert and Kristi Burton Brown.

Clark’s not so subtle obsession with Boebert is well documented, but recently he’s also escalated attacks on Colorado GOP Chairwoman Kristi Burton Brown in some extremely peculiar ways.

During a sit down interview last week with Walker Stapleton and Jared Polis, Clark name-checked Brown in a question about FEC United, a group that few outside of activist circles have even heard about.

Obviously, Brown has never suggested the 2018 election was stolen nor did FEC say anything to that effect during her brief tenure.

Clark has been desperate to try and keep the FEC story going even though it’s apparent Brown’s involvement with the group was rather minimal. Liberals have been equally unsuccessful linking Brown to anything beyond a few speeches and emails on behalf of the group, none of which could remotely be construed as conspiratorial as Clark routinely implies.

Mentioning Brown’s name for the sole reason to smear her by association comes off as desperate, but Clark’s obsession with the GOP chairwoman took an even stranger turn this week.

Following U.S. Rep. Ed Perlmutter’s retirement announcement the state GOP put out a rather innocuous statement taking a dig at Perlmutter’s record in Congress.

Clark was positively appalled.

You read that correctly. When a Democrat retires from Congress, the only acceptable reaction for 9News is for the entire world thank the politician for their service.

The reaction was so beyond the pale even left-wing Colorado Newsline reporter Chase Woodruff took a shot at Clark.

Predictably, Clark also didn’t have much to say when Democrats put out a far nastier statement attacking Gardner after they defeated him in 2020.

Clark’s lack of objectivity and hypocrisy aside, getting mad at a state party for a quote dinging a member of the opposing party is just childish.

Political parties at the state and national level have one job above all others, and that’s to win elections.

What’s not part of the job description is thanking and kowtowing to a member of the opposing party when they vacate a competitive congressional seat.

In fact, you’d be hard pressed to identify many instances of a state party chair extending well wishes to an outgoing member of the opposing party anywhere in the United States.

Although Clark tried very, very, hard.

The two examples of well wishes Clark managed to find were from Ken Salazar all the way back in 2008 on Wayne Allard’s retirement, and Jason Crow’s statement after he defeated Mike Coffman.

If you’re a rational person you’re probably asking right now, “wait, were Salazar or Crow state party chairs when they made their respective statements?”

The answer to that question is obviously no, they were candidates and elected officials who historically operate under far different norms than political parties.

Surely Clark knew this, but he wasn’t about to let a little lack of evidence get in the way of his predetermined narrative.

We almost feel bad for the 9News staffer who spent all day trying to dig up an instance of a state party chair thanking a retiring member of the opposing party, only to come up empty.

Whoever you are, it’s not your fault you couldn’t cover Clark’s ass. Borderline clinical obsessions with certain women will make anyone, Kyle included, say crazy things.