Gov. Polis made a boatload of promises during his State of the State address Thursday that neither he nor the legislature have any intention of actually delivering.

All of our problems caused by years of Democrat rule — rampant crime and disregard for the law, schools that teach hate instead of math, empty store shelves and unaffordable prices across the board — Polis promised to fix.

Democrats claim they are going to save people money by passing a $40 billion budget to fund state government with your taxed dollars.

Polis’s speech was stuffed with jargon, fluff, and cliches — intended to be wholly forgettable save for laugh/applause lines lifted from Star Trek, DC Comics, Paul Simon and a shout out to “South Park.”

It will forever be known as that State of the Sate address where the State of the State was a Taylor Swift song.

No, we don’t know which one.

When not pretending to be a 30-something pop songstress, Polis reimagined himself as a Republican in a make-believe world where Democrat taxes he signed into law no longer exist.

Governor Goofball, he’s so embarrassing.

And yes, he really did sing. We’ll post it here as soon as it hits Twitter.