If stores offered sales to save people money but kept marking the reduced price the same as the regular price, they would soon be out of business. 

Which brings us to Gov. Polis and the Democrat-controlled state legislature:

On the heels of his pledge to work with the legislature to save people money, Polis now claims to be saving us $2.2 million by not raising the price of drivers licenses this year.

So if you just moved here or are a new driver, you saved money by paying the regular price of $30 because Polis and the Democrats graciously decided not to jack up the price this year. 

If your license didn’t expire, you saved even more. 

So that’s how Democrats are going to save us money this year. We’re not getting to keep more of our money, we just don’t have to spend more on certain government fees and taxes.

According to the official press release, Polis rolled out his idea to freeze the fees, and by assuming how much fees are paid in other states, they’ve determine that will save Coloradans millions of dollars.

“We are looking forward to reducing car registration fees and going bigger and bolder by saving people money. I am proud that the driver license fee relief program will collectively save Coloradans $2.2 million this year,” said Gov. Polis. “Driver license fee relief is an important step in delivering on our promise to use every single tool at our disposal to save hardworking Coloradans money.”

It’s the same scheme Polis proposed to save people money on gas, by not implementing an additional tax this year.

Excluding the faithful few who will spew every talking point they’re fed by anyone with a D after their name, Coloradans are just not this gullible.

With or without the establishment media’s help, they will see this savings scheme for what it is, a scam.