Democrats are feeling the backlash from hunters and anglers who’ve come out in strong opposition of legislation that would ban hunting mountain lions, bobcats and lynx in Colorado.

Democrat state Sen. Joann Ginal of Fort Collins has already dropped out as a sponsor of SB 31.

From the Colorado Sun:

The legislation has rallied hunters and anglers across the state. An online post by Backcountry Hunters and Anglers urging members to oppose the hunting ban spurred more than 20,000 emails to Colorado lawmakers.


“That is a really strong response in just a couple days,” said Brien Webster, the Colorado and Wyoming chapter coordinator for Backcountry Hunters and Anglers who penned the blog post. “I think our members see this as an overreach of the state legislature. They want to make sure wildlife management stays in the hands of our state wildlife agency and wildlife managers who are guided by science, not sentiment.”

Animal rights activists who think they know best because they care so gosh darned much are leading the charge to intimidate Democrats into banning the practice.

They say hunters don’t care about the underlying efforts of population control, they just want to gloat and post pictures on their Instagram.

The effort driving this ban is the same ballot box biology that resulted in voters deciding to reintroduce gray wolves in Colorado, and look how that effort has already hit the fan.

The new wolves haven’t even been moved in yet, but ranchers are dealing with the wolf packs already here attacking their livestock.

Science is supposed to be in vogue with leftists right now, so maybe they should listen to wildlife managers instead of their feelings, for once.