During a debate on Tuesday, Colorado Republicans got their first good look at most of the candidates running in the party primary to take on incumbent Democrat U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet in the fall General Election. 

It was a cordial affair with no real fireworks, just a bunch of Republicans talking about conservative issues they cared about, which now more than ever sets them apart from the wildly progressive Democrat Party in power on the state and national level.

In other words, the few media outlets that even bothered to cover the debate, hated it.

The Denver Post sneered that “none of the candidates were challenged directly or made to field uncomfortable questions.”

Had the event at the Colorado Christian University been moderated by the establishment media, candidates certainly would have been asked tougher questions like:

What pronoun do you prefer?

Why can’t everyone be entitled to an abortion?

Can the homeless live on your street instead of mine?

And, why are you Republican? Don’t you know you suck?

Instead, candidates talked about their actual qualifications, and the issues most important to them like crime and the growing drug problem with open borders, the economy and how Democrats have wrecked it, the growing threat of socialism, indoctrination education, and how to once again afford energy, or meat for dinner.

They talked about the American Dream and how Bennet has failed Coloradans in the Senate, and their priorities, if elected.

Here are the straw poll results:

  • Gino Campana won with 55 votes (29%)
  • Deborah Flora 43 votes (23%)
  • Eli Bremer 37 votes (19%)
  • Ron Hanks 31 votes (16%)
  • Greg Moore 12 votes (5%)
  • Peter Yu 11 votes (6%)

Joe O’Dea is having back surgery, and was unable to attend this event.

The candidates did a pretty good job in establishing who they are and what they stand for, so that Republicans and independents can start evaluating who they want in Washington, D.C. for the next six years.

Not a whole lot of click bait in that for the liberal media. 

For those who missed it, you can watch the replay here.