The U.S. military was put on standby as Russia prowled the Ukraine border this week, and world leaders are on edge as China hoovers over Taiwan.

The stock market went on a roller coaster ride and inflation continued to confound American families struggling to afford protein for the dinner table while dealing with empty grocery store shelves.

Gas prices are still high and expected to climb even higher with the impending Russian invasion.

And the entire nation has been on edge for two flipping years over words we can’t print or we’ll be shadow banned on social media, where all our friends are fighting.

So what were our Democrat leaders doing this week while the world seemed to be on the edge of collapse?

Same as usual — President Biden staged another one of his ridiculous ice cream photo ops, while Colorado’s U.S. Sen. John Hickenlooper went out for beer.

The Beltway media gushed:

The big unanswered question of the Biden presidency: when—and where—will the Ice-Cream-Lover-in-Chief get his first local scoop? Turns out the answer is Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams on Barracks Row. The President made a quick pitstop at the ice cream shop this afternoon after a visit to neighboring boutique Honey Made, where he admired necklaces on the wall for “my wife,” examined a coaster with a German shepherd on it, and picked up a Kamala Harris mug, according to a pool report.

It looks like Hickenlooper’s staff finally trained him to hide his beer before the camera starts firing at these beer-mooching photo ops.

But we know better …

U.S. Sen. John Hickenlooper shows airport officials where infrastructure … Shit … can someone help the Senator find Colorado on the map?!


The world might be crumbling, but Coloradans can count on their senator to ride out the storm with climate-safe beer, and their president to flex America’s muscles by showing the Russians he’s tough enough to eat ice cream in winter.