The Colorado media are asleep at the wheel of the Republican Senate primary, blowing off forums and events that feature the candidates stating their positions on critical issues facing our state and country this election.

It’s probably just as well, considering the few (two) articles we’ve seen so far were either shallow or snarky.

The Longmont Times-Call provided the only coverage we could find of the Saturday forum hosted by the Longmont Republican Women, Boulder Republican Women, and Boulder County Republicans.

Their take of the event: Only five of the 200 who attended wore a mask “despite a Boulder County public health order to wear masks in indoor public spaces.”

We thought many of the candidates had interesting things to say during the two hour event.

Attending were Eli Bremer, Gino Campana, Deborah Flora, Ron Hanks, Gregory Moore and Peter Yu. Joe O’Dea is recovering from back surgery and missed this and the previous forum.

Moore challenged the hypothesis that the Marshall fire was caused by climate change. There’s no way to prove it, and someone needs to say so, and he did.

Flora challenged Democrats (Hello Biden family) to get out of bed with China.

Campana, who won the straw poll at this and the event held last week at Colorado Christian College, criticized U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet for being MIA during the whole Afghanistan debacle. 

America needs to show the world we are still leaders and true to our word, Campana said.

And if Russia invades Ukraine, be prepared for gas prices to spike, again. 

“Russia has proven that they’re not a good character, they want to rebuild the old Soviet Union,” Campana said.

Obviously, the Republicans challenging Bennet will see nothing like the coverage of Democrats who took on former U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner.

John Hickenlooper didn’t even leave his basement and yet he was the media darling they helped win that election. 

Republicans will have to do the hard work to decide which candidate they will support, as always, and watch the full debate here: