The Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) reacted to Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine by calling on the United States of America to withdraw from NATO.

DSA reaffirms our call for the US to withdraw from NATO and to end the imperialist expansionism that set the stage for this conflict. We call on antiwar activists in the US and across the world to oppose violent escalations, demand a lasting diplomatic solution, and stress the crucial need to accept any and all refugees resulting from this crisis.

Putin, for his part, reacted to unified international condemnation by putting his nuclear forces on “high alert.”

In Colorado, these ultra-leftist socialists have exerted disturbing influence among Democrats in recent years with the election of several extremists, including the likes of Candi CdeBaca and Tay Anderson.

CdeBaca herself appeared in a national DSA grassroots promotional video in 2020.

Chris Hinds, a Cherry Creek Democrat who sits on the Denver City Council, is also a DSA “affiliate.”

The DSA’s role in her campaign was “critical,” CdeBaca says. “We have less than 20 percent voter turnout citywide for local elections, and even less in many precincts across my district. They showed up, really, for anything and everything I needed.”


Amy Schnieder, the DSA’s elections chair, describes CeBaca’s election as her proudest moment in the organization. Chris Hinds was also elected to Denver City Council in the 2019 election; he became a second DSA affiliate on the council. Allison Coombs and Juan Marcano, both members of Aurora City Council, are also members of the Denver chapter of the DSA. Tay Anderson, at-large director on the Denver Public Schools Board of Education, joined the DSA this fall.

Self-described “anarcho socialist” Bryan Lindstrom was DSA endorsed in his unsuccessful Aurora City Council campaign.

Additionally, Democrat state House candidates Javier Mabrey (HD-1) and Elisabeth Epps (HD-6) have been endorsed by the Democratic Socialists of America.

There’s plenty of reason to suspect DSA members, especially like Aurora’s Juan Marcano, sympathize with the idea American imperialism is to blame for Putin’s war in Ukraine.

Let’s be clear: the Democratic Socialists of America have always been something of a joke, but what’s going on right now in Ukraine is no laughing matter.

Putin reacted to widespread international condemnation of his invasion by putting his nuclear forces on “special alert” Sunday, which the Biden administration called an “unacceptable escalation.”

Usually local politicians would not necessarily be accountable for their party’s views on foreign affairs. This is not one of those times. Coloradans, along with Americans across the country, are being deployed to reinforce America’s NATO’s allies in Europe.

Every single one of their constituents deserves to know if Colorado’s DSA members support Putin’s goal of dismantling NATO.