With Colorado’s leftward tilt in recent years, the threat of radical socialism only seems to be growing.

That’s the case in Aurora this year where the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) have endorsed a candidate who is no stranger to Peak readers: Bryan Lindstrom.

Lindstrom has also earned the endorsement of so-called “moderate” U.S. Rep. Jason Crow.

Crow probably feels a little untouchable with his district set to become even bluer after redistricting, but the idea he would endorse a fringe lunatic like Lindstrom is simultaneously hilarious and alarming.

Lindstrom is a high school history teacher who pledged to keep teaching critical race theory in his classroom regardless of curriculum guidelines.

The self-described “anarcho-socialist” was also an active participant in the protests at the Aurora ICE facility that turned violent in 2019.

Anarcho-socialists, for those unfamiliar, believe that for the conditions of socialism to exist and thrive one needs to dismantle the state.

According to Lindstrom, he’s dead set on bringing this brand of extremism to local governments across Colorado.

While we’re not exactly sure how anarcho-socialism is supposed to work, Stalinist regimes historically have demonstrated a tendency to devolve into death and anarchy. Perhaps it’s not such a contradiction after all.

Lindstrom can call himself whatever he wants, but what’s clear to anyone who spends two seconds looking at his online rants is that he is a full blown Red.

And don’t take it from us. Here’s some “radical candor” from a few of his now-deleted posts on social media.

In addition to nationalizing banks, healthcare, and energy, Lindstrom also implied he favors the state seizing control of gun manufacturers, presumably so he and his comrades can expedite their proletariat revolution.

Denver’s DSA chapter sent out a last minute email this week calling Lindstrom the key to a “socialist majority” on Aurora’s City Council.

The two other self-described socialists referenced in the DSA email are Juan Marcano and Alison Coombs.

Both nuts were at the center of a recent blow-up at a city council meeting earlier this month where Marcano doubled-down on a social media post that called his conservative colleagues “sadistic death cultists.”

The irony here of course is Marcano, like his buddy Bryan Lindstrom, is a big fan of an actual sadistic death cult better known as communism.

Readers familiar with the dysfunction in Aurora know all too well the liberals on the council nearly always vote together as a socialist bloc, so it can be difficult to discern any meaningful differences between the “official” socialists and the rest of the far-left loons.

Lindstrom’s main opponent in Aurora’s Ward 2 is Steve Sundberg, a local restaurant owner with an impressive background.

Steve currently serves on the Parks & Recreation Advisory Board, is Chair of the Leadership Aurora Board (30 members) and serves on the Pickens Technical College Culinary Advisory Board, as well as the school’s Marketing/ Hospitality Board. He has been a Court Appointment Special Advocate (CASA) and spent two years helping to establish a problem solving truancy court (ACE Court in Arapahoe County), mentoring three different teenage boys in the process. 


Steve served for several years on the Colorado Restaurant Association’s Mile High Chapter Board, helping fundraise for injured or sick hospitality employees, as well as lobbying for restaurant friendly legislation. His family business recently won the “City of Aurora Business Recognition Award for 2020” for community involvement. The same Aurora business has earned “CNN Travel’s Top 100 Sports Bars in the US” and numerous recognitions in assisting schools, youth & adult sports teams, non-profits, public safety and countless fundraisers. In 2015, Steve was honored to receive the Chamber Leadership Award from the Aurora Chamber of Commerce. 

Off year municipal elections are unpredictable, but how a mainstream candidate like Sundberg fares against an absolute quack like Lindstrom next week will tell us a lot about where Colorado is headed.

However, the fact Lindstrom was able to snag an endorsement from a guy like Crow should tell you everything about the current state of affairs among Colorado Democrats.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: whackos like Lindstorm and Marcano are great for us at Peak, but we’d prefer not to spend the next several years watching them team up to turn Aurora into a lawless hell hole.

PLEASE get out and vote.


UPDATE: 10/30/21

In addition to Jason Crow, Lindstrom’s supporters also include Colorado Attorney General Phil Weiser and our favorite DPS Board Member Tay Anderson.

While Anderson is not much of a surprise, Weiser’s support for Lindstrom is a different matter entirely.

The state’s top law enforcement official is literally supporting a candidate for office who would like to replace America’s Constitutional Republic with Lindstrom’s own brand of Marxism.

That isn’t just extreme – it’s vile, un-American, and a disgrace to anyone whose sworn duty is to uphold our laws and Constitution.

Colorado GOP Chairwoman Kristi Burton Brown called on Crow to rescind his endorsement Saturday morning.

We anticipate Weiser will be next in line. Neither Crow nor Weiser will be able to dodge questions about this. They put their names behind a Marxist, and now they owe it to all of their constituents to explain why.