A Douglas County youth who supported the firing of superintendent Cory Wise and then started an after-school student group for conservatives is being bullied and vilified by students and adults.

Sophomore Owen Wicks has been called a racist, white supremacist, a Nazi, and compared to the Hitler youth for daring to start a chapter of Turning Point USA at STEM School Highlands Ranch.

He told Fox 31 News he wanted to initiate meaningful debate between students who were interested in politics.

“I’m trying to create a place where civil discourse is welcome, regardless of viewpoint,” Wicks said.

But civil discourse is not welcome in Douglas County, where the teachers’ union is out of power now that conservative-backed members outnumber union stooges on the school board and bargaining rights are a far-off dream.

Watch the video here where Wicks first nervously addressed the board last month after Wise was fired and recounted his disappointing experience with him.

Here is the video of Wicks recently telling the school board of the harassment and bullying he’s received since speaking out against Wise, including accusations that he’s committing hate crimes. 

It’s truly a tragedy that our society has come to a point where adults think it is acceptable to vilify and bully kids who aren’t on board with their progressive politics.

We don’t know if the teachers’ union is encouraging this behavior among their supporters, but it certainly begs the question, why aren’t they condemning the bullying and harassment?