State government in Colorado received a whopping $66 billion in pandemic aid from national taxpayers over the past two years that they’ve distributed to local governments, universities, small businesses and hospitals.

Now, Democrats controlling the state legislature have signaled a willingness to use a very small portion of the money to grant tax relief to residents — albeit a very miserly offer —of two pennies per gallon of gas.

And that tax break would only last through the end of the year after the Democrat lawmakers are reelected.

They’re not even cutting a tax, Democrats are just delaying their own tax increase of two pennies from July through December, which will use up about $60 million of that pandemic aid.

The Party of Scrooge will allow the public to weigh in on their election year ploy during a hearing later this week at the state Capitol.

Democratic Senate President Steve Fenberg seems to think the public likes paying this tax. 

It’s time the legislature was informed otherwise.