Broomfield Democrat State Rep. Matt Gray was arrested Thursday and charged with DUI, according to multiple news reports.

From the Colorado Sun:

The Broomfield Police Department told The Colorado Sun that Gray was arrested at about 5:30 p.m. at 13770 Broadlands Drive. That’s the address of Coyote Ridge Elementary School.

Another lawmaker told Colorado Public Radio that Gray’s children were not in the vehicle at the time.

Gray is a former district attorney who worked at the 17th Judicial District Attorney’s Office, which the Sun contacted for comment, and was referred to the arresting police agency.


House Speaker Alec Garnett, D-Denver, said in a statement that we was “deeply saddened and disappointed.”


“I don’t have all the facts at the moment, but it’s my belief that he has been struggling with alcoholism for some time now,” Garnett said. “I’m very thankful no one appears to have been hurt, and I strong believe he needs to take time — beginning right now — to get the help he needs.”

Public radio goes on to report that Gray is reportedly “reviewing treatment options.”

Gray’s alcohol problem has been discussed quietly among lawmakers and staffers for some time, among whom a well-traveled story is again making the rounds about an allegedly intoxicated Gray relieving himself in a trashcan on Capitol grounds.

It sounds like the kind of workplace misconduct that would get a regular Joe canned by his employer, immediately.

Gray isn’t the first politician to get a DUI and he surely won’t be the last.

There’s no reports yet as to whether he tried to use his political connections to get out of it, like Dan Pabon.

Still it’s sad the Democratic leadership admits to knowing about his struggles with alcohol, yet it took intervention from law enforcement to finally, maybe, hold him accountable for his actions and get him some help.

Updated: From the Boulder Daily Camera:

Gray released a statement Friday morning via Twitter about his arrest through the tweet has since been deleted.

“As many of you know, yesterday I was arrested on suspicion of DUI,” Gray wrote. “I was not intoxicated, but my symptoms of anxiety and depression are such that too many people are worried when they’re around me. I’m going to increase my level of therapy and appreciate all the support.”