There’s a new conservative boss in town and his name is Joe O’Dea —If you haven’t heard of him, you soon will.

The construction company owner just dumped a quarter million dollars into a statewide ad blitz to boost his name ID among Colorado Republicans, because he’s asking for their vote in the primary to take on U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet.

From the ad:

“He’s running for the Senate to cut the debt, stop inflation, support the police and military, take on rampant crime. Endorsed by conservatives. Endorsed by police. Joe O’Dea. The boss, not a politician.”

As endorsements go, those are solid marks for a Republican primary in Colorado. 

Voters are fed up with politicians who are losing touch with reality as they increasingly cater to the progressive boxes of victim voters that seem to pop up now on a daily basis.

Coloradans are hungry for a leader who can cut through the noise and clutter and have the courage to face the harsh reality of what’s happening in our state and country.

We could use a new boss.

O’Dea will square off on the Republican primary ballot June 28 against state Sen. Ron Hanks.