U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet is the latest Beltway Democrat to fall victim to COVID in recent days, which has stalled votes for President Biden’s nominees for the Federal Reserve and the Federal Trade Commission.

Not to worry as Bennet is vaxxed and maxed. He’s only experiencing cold-like symptoms.

Bennet’s illness is not expected to affect operations of his Washington office, as it’s been closed for over two years since the virus first hit.

Bennet will be working from home this week, which means the votes will be further stalled as the Senate does not cast votes remotely.

Also testing positive for COVID and absent from work last week were Democrat U.S. Sens. Chris Murphy of Connecticut, Ron Wyden of Oregon, and Vice President Harris, who casts tie-breaking votes in the Senate. 

Despite the uptick in cases on Capitol Hill, the national press still held the White House Coorespondents Dinner with President Biden Saturday. 

Nicknamed the “Nerd Prom,” it’s a black-tie event for thousands of the ink-stained wretches, members of Congress and some Hollywood show offs to have dinner in a grand ballroom and congratulate each other on how wonderful they are. 

Since Bennet reported his COVID results Sunday from Denver, we’re presuming he did not attend the event. Neither did Dr. Fauci.

We hope Bennet gets well soon, then maybe he will consider reopening his office and doing some work for the people who elected him.