Democrat State Rep. David Ortiz had one of the more memorable social media self-owns in this year’s legislative session on Friday night.

Ortiz criticized his Republican colleagues, whom he argued had left the General Assembly floor right after demanding that a bill be read at length.

The truth is they hadn’t left, and Ortiz neglected to mention he was tweeting and voting from home at the time.

Weld County State Rep. Dan Woog pointed out that Republicans hadn’t gone anywhere, and asked where Ortiz managed to get his photo considering the fact Ortiz was voting remotely.

At 10:47 p.m., Ortiz was serving as a reminder why it’s best not to drink and tweet.

It is unclear whether that was the alcohol talking or Ortiz just decided taking a shot at Woog’s hair was a thoughtful way to call someone else petty.

Regardless, in the interest of reporting hard news, we examined Ortiz’s claim that Woog has a “cartoon haircut.”

The statement contains an element of truth in that Woog does resemble several beloved superheroes, but it would be more accurate to describe his appearance as a cross between Iceman and Hawk from American Gladiators.

We rate Ortiz’s claim as Mostly False.