Seeing what they’ve done with the economy, Hispanic voters are losing faith fast in the Democrat Party’s ability to actually govern and are seriously considering voting Republican in the midterm elections.

We know it’s true, because the mainstream media newswire Reuters is actually reporting it and citing Colorado’s new 8th Congressional District as an example of how Hispanics could tilt control of Congress.

With just 26% of Hispanic voters approving of President Biden’s job performance in an April 13 Quinnipiac University poll, Reuters reports it’s a just the latest sign of long-term erosion of support for Democrats among Latinos.

Democratic strategist Chuck Rocha cited the 8th District as a bellwether because of the large Hispanic population, and says if Democrats can’t win this 50-50 seat, they will lost seats all over the country.

But pundits aside, the telling antidote is this little nugget buried in the bottom of the story.

Julian Verdugo was still dressed in his dusty oilfield work clothes when he took over behind the counter in the small Mexican sweets shop his family owns in Commerce City, a heavily Latino area near Platteville.


As the 24-year-old helped a customer decide what treats she should stock up on for a party, he explained why he was considering casting his ballot for Republicans, breaking with family tradition.


“I was raised as a Democrat. But then I started working in the oil and gas industry, and I realized the Democrats are really against it,” he said. “Now, with the inflation of fuel, we’ve had to raise prices in this candy shop three times in the last three months because our products are shipped from Mexico.”

The problem with the Democrat Party is that it treats voters according to each of their special identities and labels, while Republicans just see voters as regular people with regular problems who are struggling to buy groceries and pay the bills.

So while Democrats are catering to identities, Republicans are tending to the needs of regular people.

That’s why Hispanics are leaving the Democrat Party.