Liberal women are quick to condemn men for daring to have opinions on the matter of abortion.

Shut up, they will explain.

Men are not permitted to speak of such matters, because the male body has absolutely nothing to do with a woman’s body being impregnated and carrying a non-human to the moment of birth when they become genderless beings.

It’s creepy to see men outside of abortion clinics praying and urging women to seek counseling and another solution. It’s none of their business, liberal women say.

But what’s not creepy, apparently, is when a man — namely Conrad Swanson of the Denver Post — tells women how to get someone else to pay for their abortion and avoid counseling that might persuade them to give birth to a child.

Women on the left see nothing creepy at all about men who vigerously support abortion and tell them how to get someone else to help pay for it — other than the father.

Also not creepy to women on the left, is when men tell women how to avoid counseling to help consider the different options available in bringing a child to term to keep, or share with a childless couple through adoption.

Historically, men are held financially responsible for their own children, so we give Swanson’s advise five stars on the creep scale.

Denver Post Editorial Page Editor Megan Schrader doesn’t seem to think so, and defended Swanson.

To criticize his progressive activism the paper often mistakes for journalism, or question the Denver Post’s wildly one-sided coverage on this issue, is to shame women, she explained.

What’s shameful is that pro choice supporters used to say abortion should be rare rather than the norm, for medical emergencies, family planning, and in cases of rape and incest.

Now the far left openly admits abortion is a lifestyle choice.

The problem with the Post article is it’s completely one-sided in favor of abortion without any voice in opposition, and perpetuates the lifestyle choice of terminating a pregnancy up until the moment of birth.

The Post wasn’t just notifying the public where to get abortions, as Schrader claims, but how to get someone else to pay for their lifestyle choice.

And to their shame, how to avoid clinics that help women examine other lifestyle choices and solutions to their problem rather than abortion. 

If the Denver Post were truly unbiased and presenting both sides of the story, the male author would have also told women where to find those crisis pregnancy centers, to give them the opportunity make a lifestyle choice other than abortion.