Kyle Clark of 9News will have you know that public information requests to hold government accountable for their actions and the use of our tax dollars are not to be utilized by mere members of the public.

It is the exclusive domain of the establishment media, and anyone who swerves into their lane will be doxxed and publicly shamed by news personalities like Clark.

 PeakNation™ will remember the leaked Zoom meeting between union leaders and Douglas County teachers that exposed a cynical power move to shut down schools with a sickout, which the union folks rationalized was okay because kids had already missed so many days due to COVID anyway.

The video has since been taken down, but not before it pissed off a lot of parents, and rightly so.

One parent submitted a public information request under the Colorado Open Records Act to find out which teachers participated in the sick-out, ostensibly to find out if their children’s teacher was one of hundreds who puts union business before the education of their kids.

The request prompted a backlash from Clark and other media types, who instantly assumed the request was intended to dox all teachers publicly with their home addresses and private information to bully and threaten.

Never mind the media should and does know that personal information and certainly home addresses of teachers would not be released under the request.

The false narrative actually prompted the legislature to pass a law shielding any teacher information from the public.

And Clark seemingly retaliated further by taking the school board to court demanding they release the name of the parent who filed the request on Feb. 15, but pulled it the very next day after public media out roar that it would lead to doxxing.

And what did Clark do with the information that was obtained by wasting a lot of tax dollars through a lawsuit and the school district’s time?

He doxxed the concerned parent.