The too-far-gone Left celebrated Mother’s Day weekend by vandalizing yet another Colorado church that authorities are investigating as a hate crime, and doxxing Supreme Court justices then protesting at their private homes.

Surely it’s a crime to intimidate and coerce justices in the highest court in the land in their decision making?

But if it is, we doubt the Biden administration’s Justice Department would bother investigating.

They’re probably too busy with parents who “intimidate” school boards because they don’t want teachers or secret after-school programs asking their children about sexual attractions and keeping secrets from their parents.


We reported last week about a church in Boulder vandalized with pro abortion and antifa symbols after progressives riled up their Democrat base to believe Roe v. Wade had been overturned.

A draft opinion written in February was leaked last week that said abortion laws should be returned to the states, but the courts aren’t even expected to make a decision until June or July on a Mississippi case that restricts abortion after 15 weeks.

Now it appears vandalizing churches is becoming a trend in Colorado for young radicals who believe in abortion up to the moment of birth as a lifestyle choice.

Fort Collins police say they are investigating this as a hate crime. Windows were broken, and spray painted across the front door was another antifa symbol and “My body my choice.”

KGAB reports:

Generally speaking, graffiti intended to provoke hatred of a particular group or organization is displayed where it is most visible. The usually means outside of a building as opposed to inside, where fewer people can see it.

“Using fear and destruction to make a point is completely unacceptable. If you want to make your voice heard, do it by exchanging thoughts and ideas, not by committing criminal acts,” said Chief Jeff Swoboda. “We need anyone with information to come forward so this suspect can be held accountable.”