The state legislative session mercifully comes to a close this week allowing all working Coloradans to finally release the death-like grip on their wallets from which lawmakers have successfully extracted billions of our hard-earned dollars for their spending enjoyment.

The final hours have taken on a circus-like atmosphere, with Democrats in disarray as usual because they can’t get their act together and manage a timely schedule through which to complete pending bills.

Also known as legislating 101.

The reviews are in, and it’s a full-blown sh#t show.

Now Democrats are begging for a special session because they didn’t get their homework done on time, which would cost taxpayers $30,000 day.

Here’s where things stood Tuesday.

Which wasn’t much of an improvement from Monday night, when 116 bills were still on the shelf.

Yet it’s somehow the fault of Republicans that Democrats waited until the last minute to realize they were out of time.

And here’s how it will all end.