U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet has hit on a terrifying idea to get himself reelected while Democrats all around him are dropping like flies in the upcoming election — he’s promising government censorship of social media.

He’s not even trying to hide his intentions, Bennet actually issued a press release bragging about his new draft legislation to create the Federal Digital Platform Commission.

Give him another term in Congress, and Bennet will make sure this government commission has the powers to regulate, investigate, and sanction social media until every American who identifies as Not a Democrat is permanently silenced.

We have to do it, for the children, claims Bennet’s press release that includes quotes like this:

“The Colorado Children’s Campaign supports Senator Bennet’s efforts to establish a Federal Digital Platform Commission. The digital platforms where our youth spend a significant amount of their time have different priorities and incentives that may not align with the best interests of our children’s well-being.”

Uh, yeah. That’s why children aren’t supposed to have social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms that spew political memes and insults alongside vacation photos and editorials on war and crime.

According to Colorado Politics, the commission would also take aim at platforms that cause social, economic or political harm by excluding a person from participation.

We’d like to think this applies to presidents of the United States who get banned from Twitter, but more likely it’s intended to reinstate Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.