The conclusion of Colorado’s legislative session likely marked the end of an era —namely complete Democrat control of state government, reports, the trusted source of some elected leaders.

“Polling suggests Republicans have a real chance to flip the state Senate in November …” they report. 

Written by Nick Coltrain of the Denver Post, the sub headline declares:

The state has been under total Democratic control for four years, but a tumultuous two years with law enforcement, workforce development and the pandemic has some predicting that Republicans could regain control in November.

But then the article devolves into the typical leftist media love fest as Coltrain praises the legislature on issues near and dear to progressives.

And when their work backfired, like SB20-217 that crippled police and emboldened law breakers, Coltrain insisted law enforcement got tougher laws through the fentanyl bill, which also failed to fix the problem and will continue to embolden drug users and dealers. 

But that’s not the point of the article, which seems to be grabbing the attention of other elected officials across the nation who are also threatened by a Republican takeover, and proclaim Colorado’s legislative session as a blueprint for how to keep Democrat control by granting government workers new union rights, raising taxes to fund preschool for early leftist programing, and more welfare.

In other words, strengthening the socialist state is the best prophylactic against two-party rule with all those messy checks and balances. 

Good luck with that.

We’ll be cheering for the end of an era and the return of Republican control to the state Senate to keep the Democrat House and Gov. Polis is check.