In case you missed it, Gov. Polis held a bill signing ceremony today to artificially inflate his worthless Office of Saving People Money by … drumroll please … not raising your gas tax by two pennies until after his reelection campaign this fall!

That’s right Colorado, you can totally save a whopping 30 pennies when you fill up your 15-gallon vehicle at a cost of $75 dollars.

Technically, you’re already saving it because the gas tax increase passed by the Democrat-controlled legislature hasn’t yet gone into effect.

But in Polis’s economy, not raising a tax means he’s saving you money!


You know what else would save people money?

Cancelling the Office of Saving People Money that doesn’t do a think except pay the lieutenant governor an extra $66,000 in salary for putting her name on that office door. 

Polis’s scheme is a scam, and voters will do well to remember that come Election Day.