Terminating a pregnancy is just like getting a nose job, Gov. Polis actually said during an interview Wednesday with Colorado Public Radio.

Outrage ensued. But CPR isn’t reporting about the reaction to Polis’s insensitive and caustic comments from women who have suffered miscarriages and still mourn the loss of their child. 

We’re not hearing from women who’ve had to choose a painful abortion to save their own life.

No, what’s really important to the left is that the left is pissed at Polis for doing a disservice to the pro abortion movement.

“Bodily autonomy is a human right — to compare it to a ‘nose job’ – a surgery without the history of politicization or violence from its opponents – does an extreme disservice to our movement, and negates the fundamental and long-term impacts that reproductive care or lack thereof has on a person’s life,” said a written statement from seven organizations including Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains and ProgressNow Colorado.

So you see, according to progressives, women all genders who get abortions are actually victims because abortion has a history of politicalization and violence.

People who have plastic surgery like nose jobs, facelifts or breast implants are only victimized by their friends and society at large behind their backs.

The left is angry at Polis for downplaying their cause, because progressives are now insisting that Colorado taxpayers foot the bill for abortions for every gender who has grown accustomed to the lifestyle of practicing birth control after it’s months and months and months too late.

Polis made the nose job comparison as he declined to say whether he would now force Coloradans to fork over their income to pay for everyone’s abortions.

“Look, you probably get into the situation of: is it a medically required abortion, in that it will jeopardize the life of the mother, or is this something that you’re talking about that’s more elective? So there’s a lot of nuances to that policy. In general, the state doesn’t cover elective procedures,” Polis said. “But even if you look at plastic surgery: there’s reconstructive plastic surgery if you’re in an accident, and then there’s such things like a nose job if you want to look better. So, I can’t possibly get into what the state insurance plan covers. That’s a negotiation we have.”

Some on the left were willing to forgive Polis for repeatedly declining to admit whether he supports taxpayer-funded abortion.

Polis has to be deceitful now, because he’s running a reelection campaign on saving people money, they reason.

But once Polis gets the voters’ trust and is reelected, then he can take our money and demand we pay for abortions up until the moment of birth.

These are the people who are running our state, because Democrats have convinced so many Coloradans not to vote for those mean Republicans who have no compassion.