If Republicans are serious about taking back the governors mansion from Jared Polis — who’s too good to live in the house taxpayers fund — they need to get behind winning candidate Heidi Ganahl, says the Colorado Springs Gazette.

Republicans need a candidate whom voters can relate to, and someone who has their finger on the pulse of all the problems we face on a daily basis. 

Ganahl is the only Republican in recent years to win a statewide election, and with the party’s nomination and support, she’s the only legitimate shot at beating Polis, says the newspaper, which also publishes the Denver Gazette and Colorado Politics. 

From the editorial:

Republicans must pick someone who gets consumers’ frustration with soaring utility bills and prices at the pump. Someone who has firsthand experience with the make-or-break pressures on our state’s small-business owners.


It also involves picking someone who perceives the pressures on family life — from our sometimes-problematic public schools to Colorado’s alarming, and skyrocketing, crime rate — and who is willing to do something about it.


Someone who feels parents’ fears about fentanyl and other drugs creeping into their children’s lives. Someone who knows public ed and higher ed and wants to make them more accessible and responsive to parents’ and children’s needs.

Ballots will start arriving in the mail soon people, so best start paying attention.

Read the entire endorsement here.