The Beltway media are smoking some pretty strong stuff to turn out delusional crap like this Politico piece about President Biden and U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet’s sordid story of forbidden political love.

It seems that Democrats are rejecting Biden like a drag hooker on steroids that hasn’t bathed in a month.

But our boy Bennet is willing to be Biden’s arm candy and escort his high-spending inflationary achievements to the media and every Democrat-controlled state that is not his own.

Bennet is allegedly furious with his own party for not standing by their man, Politico reports:

He is livid that Democrats aren’t talking more about their work with Biden to make big investments in infrastructure and the economy or the last-gasp effort at passing more big legislation.

Uhm, maybe that’s because Biden’s big-spending ways are inflating our economy and working folks are paying an arm and a leg for gas and groceries and can’t find baby formula to feed their infants.

Bennet’s solution, put them all on government welfare and get this socialist party started!

“The national Democratic Party has done a terrible job talking about what we’ve accomplished and what we’re fighting to accomplish,” Bennet said. “Nobody is more aggravated than I am with the national Democratic Party, that we didn’t fight harder to extend those child tax credits for working people in this state.”

Whatever dude.

Asked if he loved Biden so much he would welcome him on the campaign trail in Colorado, Bennet balked:

Bennet doesn’t blame Biden for his own plight in Colorado, but he is not exactly racing to campaign with the president, saying, “I haven’t thought about it at all.”

Yeah, right. 

Meanwhile, his Republican opponent Joe O’Dea offered to pay for Biden’s flight to Colorado as many times as he wanted to campaign for Bennet.

We’re betting if Biden does make a stop here before the election, Bennet will be scheduled to visit another planet that day.