The first television commercial in the 7th District congressional race will be a positive message from GOP candidate Tim Reichert, which focuses on his family, background as an economist, and his determination to rebuild the middle class. 

It’s a positive ad which is sure to be a rarity in an expected rough and tumble Republican primary election season all across the state.

 “The voters in the 7th Congressional District have been hit hard by the worst inflation in 40 years,” said Reichert, who is an economist.

“It’s been a challenging two years with the pandemic and everyone is devastated by the horrific act of violence in Uvalde, Texas earlier this week. We really want to keep the tone of this campaign positive to give the voters the opportunity to judge candidates based on our ideas to improve their lives,” said Reichert.

In the ad, Reichert says he wants to go to Washington with a bill in his hand to restore America’s middle class. 

 “I’m bringing some pretty out-of-the-box economic ideas to the table that I know can help Coloradans recapture the American Dream, no matter where in society they come from. I grew up in the blue-collar, working-class family, and I know how hard it is to get ahead. We must put the American Dream back within reach for the middle class, and I’m the only candidate in this race with ideas to do it,” Reichert said. 

It’s a refreshing start to the 7th District race that includes Laurel Imer and Erik Aadland, who was originally running in the U.S. Senate race but switched campaigns in March to run for Congress. 

The winner of the Republican primary will face off against Mrs. Ian Silverii in the November General Election, who is the Democrat’s heir apparent to the throne now held by U.S. Rep. Ed Perlmutter.