Democrats are playing dirty politics in Colorado with $1.5 million in dark money already spent on manipulative ads designed to divide the party and deliver fractured results in the GOP primary to the benefit of Democrats.

The ads purport to support certain Republican candidates, but cite reasons that Democrats hope will cause dissension among the GOP faithful.

To top it off, some in Colorado’s political media are dutifully reporting about these TV ads and mailers, and repeat all the divisive information designed to divide and conquer the GOP.

So for that reason, we see no use in repeating all the nonsense contained in the deceptive ads.

We just want conservatives to beware that mailers arriving in their mailbox that do not state who paid for the ads are trying to interfere with the Republican primary and should be ignored.

The ads target the Republican gubernatorial race, U.S. Senate race, and the new 8th District congressional race.

The Colorado Sun reports:

While it isn’t clear who sent the mailers — they didn’t include a disclosure, possibly in violation of federal election law — the postal permit used on them has been used in the past by the firm Plumb Marketing to distribute mailings by Democratic interests.