Kyle Clark is miffed that Republican gubernatorial candidate Heidi Ganahl won’t help boost his ratings by coming on his show so he can try to humiliate her with outrageous questions that have nothing to do with the job she is seeking.


And just to show how biased and hateful he’s prepared to be if she ever does agree to an interview, Clark insulted her, while complaining that she won’t come over to the bully’s house and submit to a black eye, a punch to the gut, and maybe a couple of broken ribs.

After all, Greg Lopez agreed to be interviewed by Clark, and look how well that turned out for Lopez.

Colorado deserves a governor who has the courage to stand up to the media and refuses to bow to their demands.

Kyle Clark will just have to keep bashing Ganahl all by himself, because she’ not likely to give him the platform to try and humiliate her in person.