Buried among all the Jan. 6 conspiracy theories this week was this rather important news nugget:

Yowza! No wonder our bank keeps sending us nasty messages about overdrafts, stop spending, blah, blah, blah.

It turns out the Democrats haven’t been telling us the truth about inflation, and now we’re all just a bunch of broke-ass fools.

Not only does the economy really suck today, but forecasters say we can all expect to be paying even more next month, and the month after, until we throw the bums outta office who’ve been spending us into this mess.

And who would that be? The same folks who refuse to acknowledge that folks are having a really tough time making ends meet.

Like this guy.

And this guy, whose Democrat wife, state Sen. Brittany Pettersen, is running for Congress in the 7th Congressional District.

That’s right. We’re supposed to be super stoked about a staged committee meeting of scripted conspiracy theories based on a smattering of facts about a rally that turned into an angry mob at the Capitol 18 month ago and scared the shit out of members of Congress.

How dare mothers worry about finding baby formula to feed their infants? Or workers complain about the struggle to fill their gas tanks to get to work, and then be able to afford to put some protein on the table for dinner?

Tim Reichert, an economist and one of the Republicans running for the 7th District seat, had the opposite reaction of Mr. Brittany Pettersen and other Democrats.

“Enough with the prime time political showboating,” Reichert said in a statement. “Congress and the White House are completely out-of-touch with the reality of how Americans are struggling with the surging costs of food, energy and housing.”

For some strange reason, only Republicans seem to notice there’s a problem and that Coloradans are struggling in this economy.

Perhaps it’s because Republicans have become the party of working Americans. 

BREAKING … This just in, U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet is taking credit for an IRS announcement that the agency is raising by four pennies the standard deduction mileage rate for operating a vehicle for business, but the rate only applies through the November election and expires in December.

Not exactly feeling our pain, is he?