The number of Colorado educators seeking training to arm themselves and protect school children against shooters is skyrocketing.

Laura Carno, Executive Director of FASTER Colorado, tells KOAA she is seeing 10 times the number sign up for the training and emergency response program since the tragedy at Robb Elementary in Uvalde, Texas.

“I think because of the horrific details that happened in Uvalde with law enforcement not going in, I think more and more parents and, frankly, folks in schools are saying we are our own first responders,” she said.

That’s a sad reality. Our children must have more protection, not less.

It’s up to each school district in Colorado to authorize armed staff on campus, and yet some, including Denver, think having an armed presence will frighten children.

That’s not surprising, given the current political atmosphere on the Denver School Board.

Children used to be taught to respect police, to respect their neighbors, that killing was immoral, and guns were to be used for protection and sport. 

Now they are taught who to hate and who to love.

The reality is that America will never be disarmed, and guns will never be completely illegal. 

It’s time the left woke up from their dreams of a socialist Utopia, got serious about protecting our children, and learned to fight fire, with fire.