America has stood witness to some wild and wicked campaign tactics throughout her history, but Colorado’s own Republican state Rep. Dave Williams may have officially jumped the shark with this latest ploy.

Williams is accusing his opponent, Congressman Doug Lamborn, of telling untruths in a political ad, and wants the district attorney to launch a criminal investigation.

From Colorado Public Radio:

In a letter sent on Friday, June 10, to District Attorney Michael Allen in the 4th Judicial District, Williams alleges that Lamborn’s campaign violated a Colorado law that makes it a crime to knowingly make false statements in political campaigns….“designed to affect the vote on any issue submitted to the electors at any election or relating to any candidate for election to public office.”


The Colorado Judicial Department did not immediately have access to information on whether such a claim in Colorado has ever moved forward.

Williams argument: A TV ad that says Williams was fired by former President Donald Trump’s Colorado campaign is false because Williams was a volunteer and volunteers can’t be fired.

And yet, awkwardly, Trump’s regional director for the 2020 campaign told public radio Williams “was fired from a volunteer position with the campaign for abusing his title.”

Williams might have been better served by firing back at Lamborn in his own television ad making his own case, rather than wasting taxpayer dollars by pursing a frivolous criminal complaint in court.

This tactic makes him look thin-skinned, and likely won’t go over well with voters.